[Backgroundrb-devel] Cannot connect when spawning new workerson demand

Apeldoorn, Ger GApeldoorn at Wehkamp.nl
Thu Jan 24 10:15:08 EST 2008


> Okay, I further debugged this issue. The first Question is, are you
> deleting the workers? In the first and second mail that you pasted, I
> can't see any calls to either "exit" or MiddleMan.delete_worker().

No, I am deleting the workers in another function when all the work is

I have access to another machine with rails on it and more memory, I'll
try if it is a problem there. If I cannot figure it out, I'll send you
the application.

Thanks a lot for your time and effort!

> What I found that, if you have too many workers running, even if
> master doesn't die, bdrb master may refuse the connection. For me,
> threshold was around 50 parallel workers on the same machine. I
> couldn't find any fault in bdrb code, since I have 1 GB memory on this
> machine and 50 parallel workers mean,  50*30 = 1500MB of memory.
> Assuming other tasks running, available memory is around 600 MB or
> something, and swapping brings my machine to a grinding hault.
> So, its very important that you delete your worker. In worst case, if
> you still can't solve the issue, just archive the your app and send me
> ( assuming its not too confidential, and you have reasonable amount of
> trust on me).
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