[Backgroundrb-devel] Cannot connect when spawning new workers on demand

Ger Apeldoorn gapeldoorn at wehkamp.nl
Thu Jan 24 06:58:13 EST 2008


My apologies, as I didnt get any output from the ./script/backgroundrb
in the console, I thought the debug log was the place to go.... (even
with the :log: foreground in place)

That said, the backgroundrb master process doesn't crash. After I get
the 'cannot connect' error, I can push 'back' on my browser and try
again with less servers successfully. Even an F5 so that all POST
parameters are submitted again can succeed. (all without restarting

I hope this can shed some light.. :)


> I am looking for some exceptions, when the master process dies! I
> can't see any so far, in your log output.
> Thats the reason, I have been asking you to run bdrb in foreground mode using:
> :log: foreground
> option and start backgroundrb with:
> ./script/backgroundrb
> This way, when master crashed message will be logged to console.

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