[Backgroundrb-devel] Worker suicide

Zachary Powell zach at plugthegap.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 12:17:57 EST 2008

exit is definitely the command (its the ruby kernel method for ending the
process). though i've never running into it not working. are you sure its
getting as far as the exit command (not hanging up on a loop etc)? try
logger.info('before exit') and 'after exit' to see if that shows up in the
i'm assuming you've read the docs and understand the "set_no_auto_load
true") method etc, so ruling out the possibility of it just been a different
copy of the worker..
On 1/10/08, Danny Burkes <dburkes at infoteria.com> wrote:
> > put "exit" on the last line
> >
> > def create
> >   #... do stuff
> >   exit
> > end
> >
> > (can be called anywhere in the worker, in other methods etc).
> >
> That doesn't seem to work- I still see the ruby process in ps.  This
> is a dynamically-created worker, and I want to exit the entire process
> once it is finished.  Any other ideas?
> Thanks,
> Danny
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