[Backgroundrb-devel] Backgroundrb-devel Digest, Vol 21, Issue 7

Orion Delwaterman orion at mh2o.com
Fri Feb 15 11:12:55 EST 2008

Hello All,

I am using backgroundrb from the trunk of devjavu and I am unable to
start the script with Capistrano.  This is really annoying because it
means I have to ssh into the server everytime I deploy something instead
of letting Capistrano do the work me.  

I am starting the script using the command 'ruby script/backgroundrb
start'.  When I execute via Capistrano the pid file is created but the
process does not exist.  There are no errors in any of the backgroundrb
logs.  When I execute directly on the server it works fine.  If I rub
backgroundrb console via Capistrano it works properly

So my question is when backgroundrb starts up where is it supposed to
write any errors it may encounter during startup.  Otherwise it seems
impossible to debug the issue.


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