[Backgroundrb-devel] configuration issues

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at greenriver.org
Wed Feb 6 22:02:29 EST 2008

Hah! I've been hacking around this for hours today.

My old solution was something like this in config/backgroundrb.yml:
  ports = {
    'development' => 2000,
    'production' => 2001,
    'demo' => 2002,
    'sandbox' => 2003
  :port: <%= ports[ENV['RAILS_ENV']] %>
  :environment: <%= ENV['RAILS_ENV'] %>

But that failed when I started starting bdrb with capistrano because I
couldn't set RAILS_ENV (have to run bdrb sudo -u nobody). So my solution was
to create config files for each environment that are symlinked into the new
cap-created directory.

I'd agree that setting RAILS_ENV is unoptimal. It does really unexpected
things if you're relying on RAILS_ENV after starting bdrb.

On 2/6/08, George Feil <gfeil at realgirlsmedia.com> wrote:
>  In the process of integrating BackgrounDRb into my company's CRM
> application for our web site, I have run against two roadblocks in
> configuration that required my actually modifying the BackgrounDRb source
> code to work around:
>    1. The MasterProxy class overrides the RAILS_ENV settings with the
>    settings in the backgroundrb.yml, or sets the environment to
>    "development" if not set. This makes it impossible to allow the server to
>    run in multiple configuration environments (e.g. staging and
>    production, for example). In my opinion, it would be best to have
>    MasterProxy rely solely on the current setting of RAILS_ENV, and never
>    override it under any circumstances.
>    2. DebugMaster supports only logging options: log to files with
>    hard-coded names, or log to stdout. In our clustered production environment,
>    we use SyslogLogger to send all logging messages to a remote server, in
>    order to maintain logs for all our servers in one place. There appears to be
>    no way to do this in BackgrounDRb without modifying the behavior of
>    DebugMaster.
> Apart from these two issues, this is a great tool for asynchronous
> processing. Thanks!
> George Feil | Senior Software Engineer
> www.realgirlsmedia.com
> www.divinecaroline.com
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