[Backgroundrb-devel] Job Queue

hemant gethemant at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 14:51:05 EST 2008

On Sat, Feb 2, 2008 at 1:07 AM, Jason LaPier <jason.lapier at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was just about to reply, but you linked to my code sample already :)
>  The bugs we were discussing in that thread have been resolved and I've
>  been using thread pool in combination with mutex to save a hash of
>  "statuses" as I described in that post for a little over a month now
>  in production with no problems. Admittedly, the site in question is
>  not exactly high traffic (75k pageviews for the month of January
>  according to analytics), but I've had no stability issues whatsoever
>  in the last month. I run a pool of 10 threads currently, but the job
>  is fairly short so I doubt I'm ever using more than a couple threads
>  at once.

I have been toying with some code that I picked other Ruby projects
for implementing a job queue based on database tables.
But i absolutely don't want to add any features without test cases in hand.

But yeah, as told by Ryan and Json, you should have no trouble in
using thread_pool feature.

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