[Backgroundrb-devel] purpose of delayed persistent jobs

Woody Peterson woody at crystalcommerce.com
Thu Aug 14 15:20:32 EDT 2008

We used to use persistent jobs implemented ourselves for an older  
version of backgroundrb (not sure what version, something from 2006),  
but they weren't delayed and didn't require polling. Polling isn't  
really that big of a deal as far as hits to the database go, but I see  
negatives of this system, and can't think of the benefits. The  
downsides to delayed persistent jobs are your background tasks don't  
execute immediately,  and you have more hits to your database  
(although small). Shopify released a plugin to do exactly this, so it  
has to be useful for something, but when you have scheduling software  
like bdrb that does stuff immediately and without polling (and you can  
make it save results to the database if you want), what would be an  
example of something that benefits from this model of delayed database- 
backed jobs?


(and sorry for the flood of questions. hopefully someone else in the  
vastness of the internet has the same ones :-)

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