[Backgroundrb-devel] enqueued job polling configurability

Woody Peterson woody at crystalcommerce.com
Thu Aug 14 15:10:11 EDT 2008

I don't know if this is where I should be submitting patches, but it's  
also an idea/feature request, or something.

It bugs me that every worker polls the database every 5 seconds - If I  
wanted something done quickly, I'd just call it with the async prefix,  
no? If I'm willing to offload it to 5 seconds later, maybe I'm willing  
to let it sit for 10, 20, maybe a full minute before being run.  
Anyways, this would make that configurable.

line 136 of vendor/plugins/backgroundrb/server/lib/meta_worker.rb :
-  add_periodic_timer(5) { check_for_enqueued_tasks }
+ add_periodic_timer(BDRB_CONFIG[:backgroundrb][:enq_poll_time].nil? ?  
5 : BDRB_CONFIG[:backgroundrb][:enq_poll_time])  
{ check_for_enqueued_tasks }

Same functionality, but then you could say

     :enq_poll_time: 30

And enqueued tasks would poll a lot less. I guess it's really not that  
big of a hit on the database, it just bugs me for some reason. Also,  
my app in particular might have lots and lots of workers, depending on  
how I design the backgroundrb stuff, and 30 workers polling every 5  
seconds would be a bit much.


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