[Backgroundrb-devel] Starting It In Production?

Ramon Miguel M. Tayag ramon.tayag at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 03:40:36 EDT 2008

Hi everyone!

backgroundrb works fine in my local machine in development mode.  When
I first tried it out in my VPS in production tho, I ran into some
problems.  It seems that it keeps looking for the development database
even if I've explicitly told it to start the production environment.

Here's how I started it, then what my config/backgroundrb.yml file looks like:

I did some searching then saw that this was a problem 2 years ago, but
was supposedly fixed:

What I did for now was put the production database details in
database.yml under "development" so it's pointing to the same
database.  When I tried to start backgroundrb this time, I get:

I checked and make sure ~/path/to/app/tmp/pids directory existed
though.  Does this mean backgroundrb is unable to make its own *.pid

Thank you for your time,
Ramon Tayag

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