[Backgroundrb-devel] Jabber namespace strangeness in workers when config.gem 'xmpp4r' is set

Todd Tyree todd at snappl.co.uk
Thu Aug 7 12:54:05 EDT 2008

Just spent three bloody hours looking for the cause of this, so I thought
I'd save anyone else having the same problem the trouble:

In the process of porting our existing app to 2.1.0 and decided I'd use the
config.gem functionality.  I've got a legacy worker–working that passes off
messages to our ejabberd server and works fine.  It depends on xmpp4r.
Yesterday, as part of a larger set of changes, I checked in environment.rb
with the line: config.gem 'xmpp4r', :version => '0.3.2'.  Today, on
restarting backgroundrb, the xmpp worker suddenly starts throwing the
following exception:

  uninitialized constant XmppWorker::Jabber (NameError)

I went through everything I could think of before finally digging back
through the svn diff and noticing the config.gem 'xmpp4r'.  Commented it out
and, hey presto!, everything went back to normal.

I'm hoping the complete silence of google on the topic means no one else has
encountered it.  However, if not, I hope this helps.

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