[Backgroundrb-devel] strange deployment issue

Jason Lee jasonlee9 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 01:16:00 EDT 2008


I'm using just the scheduler with my workers like cron jobs. I have 3
different ones that poll my db for specific object states and do work

This all works perfectly on my development machine. However, when I
deploy to my staging server - with its own staging configuration - the
scheduler works, the worker processes, but my ActiveRecord object
never returns any data back.

I explicitly include the model in the top of the worker and when the
worker processes, I can see the query logging in the log file. I can
even cut the query, paste into a sql window and get back the expected
results. But whenever the query returns in my non-development deployed
worker, the result set is empty.

My backgroundrb.yml configuration is super simple:

    :port: 11006

Again, the above is only just for scheduling and works perfectly on my
local env. I also explicitly executed brb with the env specific

script/console backgroundrb -e stage

Still no luck.

Has anyone see this weird issue with AR not returning back any
results, even tho the query has been executed in the db?


- jason

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