[Backgroundrb-devel] Problem with starting backgroundrb server!

supriya agarwal supriya.iiita at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 01:50:18 EDT 2008


Im using this backgroundrb plugin! The steps i followed for using this
plugin are as follows: Kindly correct me where i went wrong!

1)rails_apps/app_name/ruby script/plugin install

2) rake backgroundrb:setup

3) ruby script/generate worker example

4)opened example_worker.rb and just wrote :

   1. class ExampleWorker < BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker
   2.   set_worker_name :example_worker
   3.   def create(args = nil)
   4.     # this method is called, when worker is loaded for the first
   5.     logger.info "here"
   6.   end
   7. end

after that i tried  to run #ruby script/backgroundrb start
 and it gave me load error :bdrb_config.rb not found! I tried copying it to
some directory and then ultimately it popped up another error :
fork function is umimplemented on this machine!
I have also installed the required gems :packets and chronic..

Can someone help me where i went wrong! or give me a step by step procedure
to start backgroundrb running.
Thanks in advance!
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