[Backgroundrb-devel] Using Backgroundrb?

Julien Genestoux julien.genestoux at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 19:36:23 EDT 2008


I am trying to build an application that will parse thousands of XML Feeds
in continue in the back.
I really have no idea on how to do this "correctly" with Rails.

Here is my code :

class Feed < ActiveRecord::Base
  def parse
  # Parsing using external lib (syndication gem)


class FeedsController < ApplicationController
  def parse
    feed = Feed.find(params[:id])

So for now, if I want to parse all my feeds forever, what I have to do is to
call http://myapp/feeds/1/parse, and then http://myapp/feeds/2/parse ...
This is definetely not a good solution!

How can I use Backgroundrb to do this?

Thanks for your help!

Julien Genestoux
julien.genestoux at gmail.com
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