[Backgroundrb-devel] Loading Rails Environment

Tawan Sierek tawan.sierek at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 08:00:58 EDT 2008


I pulled commit 00ecd76da9a0df5f8ec0836c462b6e9a1a0f3ba2 and ran rake
backgroundrb:setup to replace my current script/backgroundrb file.
I tried to start the server, but the log says:
/backgroundrb/server/lib/master_worker.rb:288:in `load_rails_env':
uninitialized constant BackgrounDRb::MasterProxy::ActiveRecord

I dont really get it how the rails environment is loaded, though I
tried to figure out whats wrong, but I gave up after while.
Am I the only one who runs in this error?

Thanx for ya help


Tawan Sierek
tawan at sierek.at
Phorusgasse 10/7 - 1040 Vienna
Mobile: ++43 650 700 20 12
Skype: Tawan Sierek

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