[Backgroundrb-devel] Two Rails Apps, One Backgroundrb Server?

Ivan S. Manida Ivan.Manida at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 9 05:26:59 EDT 2008

Of course that is possible (just specify the same port and run it 
from one of the apps), but the bdrb server will only load models for 
the one you start it from, so if they are different tasks will fail 
(unless you don't use application's models in the workers).

Kit Plummer wrote:
> This might be a really simple question, with a simple solution.  I  
> have two rails apps running on the same box.  Right now I am starting  
> two Backgroundrb servers (11006 and 11007).  Wondering if it might be  
> possible to run only one and have the second app point to the first  
> app's server?
> TIA,
> Kit
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