[Backgroundrb-devel] scheduling worker methods in rails

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Thu Apr 3 13:02:41 EDT 2008

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hemant kumar schrieb:
> Also, are you telling us that, even plain scheduled worker scheduled
> through config file are not being scheduled?

Right, with the background.rb-file cited above the schedules dont work.

The Server- and the Monitoring- Workers get automatically started when i start
backgroundrb. The create-methods are working without problems ... also if i call
the update or check_services methods from within the according create-method
everything works fine ... only the triggers dont fire ...

I updated all gems (sudo gem update --system), doublechecked if all necessary
dependencies are installed (chronic and packet) ... everything ok ...

I also tested a completly new worker with following settings:

> ---
> :backgroundrb:
>   :port: 11006
>   :ip:
> ---
> :schedules:
>   :hello_worker:
>     :worker_method: say
>       :trigger_args: 0 * * * * * *

> class HelloWorker < BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker
>   set_worker_name :hello_worker
>   def create(args = nil)
>     # this method is called, when worker is loaded for the first time
>     logger.info("#{Time.now}. worker started")
>   end
>   def say(args = "hello")
>     logger.info("#{args} again, its #{Time.now}")
>   end
> end

in backgroundrb_11006.log:
> Thu Apr 03 18:19:35 +0200 2008. worker started
> hello_worker started
> Schedules for worker loaded

thats all ... so i think, the trigger don't gets fired. Do you have a clue,
where i might have an error, or is there an error in trunk?

Unfortunaly there is no error logged in any of the logfiles, so i can not hunt it ;)

many thanks for helping

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