[Backgroundrb-devel] How you want BackgrounDrb to behave

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 19:36:25 EDT 2007

Sweet deal hemant, this will be a big improvement.


On Oct 31, 2007, at 4:07 PM, hemant wrote:

> Hi,
> Ok, As i promised.. I am working on new version of BackgrounDRB, which
> is getting close and will be out soon. I need some feedback from you
> guys. So, please reply back.
> The code has changed significantly and its no longer using DRB. But I
> will keep the name BackgroundRb. Ok, in new API, a worker looks like
> this:
> require "net/smtp"
> require "guid"
> class NewsletterWorker < Packet::Worker
>  set_worker_name :newsletter_worker
>  def worker_init
>    puts "starting the worker"
>  end
>  def receive_data p_data
>  end
>  # this is where a request from rails will be received. so implement
> this method
>  # if you want to trigger your workers from rails.
>  def receive_internal_data p_data
>    self.send(p_data[:method],p_data[:data])
>  end
>  def send_mail data
>  end
> end
> And you can invoke a method in worker from rails using:
> # invoke method send_mail in newsletter_worker
> WorkerProxy.send_request(:worker => :newsletter_worker, :method =>
> :send_mail, :data => @newsletter.id)
> # No Kidding, guys above code works.
> Also, as usual you define your workers in a worker directory and they
> will be picked and run.
> Now, It should be noted that, part of stability that comes to new
> version is because of total lack of threads. Even timers are
> implemented using evented model of programming. Right now, we have two
> methods "add_timer" and "add_periodic_timer" available in all the
> workers, which can be used to schedule a job.
> A sample use case is:
> def worker_init
>   add_periodic_timer(10) { puts "Hello World : #{Time.now}"}
> end
> Older version of BackgrounDrb was having a seperate file which was
> used for reading worker schedules. I am thinking of getting rid of
> that file and making all the workers self contained.
> What you guys think?
> Things that are not working:
> 1. There is no worker.delete or self.delete to stop a worker. But
> since, your workers are seperate processes, you can call exit on them.
> 2. Since older version of BackgrounDrb used threads. The famous
> progress bar example, that came with initial version of BackgrounDrb
> worked. But new version has a event loop around all the workers and
> thats how it runs timers and can trigger callbacks. So progress bar
> example, will have to reworked using callback mechanism, rather than
> threads.
> PS: trunk doesn't yet reflect the changes i said. I will be checking
> in code soon. stay tuned.
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