[Backgroundrb-devel] BackgrounDRb, Schedule and Clean Up

Wood, Peter p.wood at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon Oct 29 19:13:07 EDT 2007

Hey all,

I've come accross BackgrounDRb and I have to say it's a wounderful piece of software. It has the potential to solve so many of the problems that I am facing with a current RoR project.

Like many others I was having issues with the scheduling side of things, I noticed that hemant said there was a new version coming out. So I checked out the version from trunk, and have given that a go. It does appear to have solved the issue of the scheduler just stopping. Now I reread his comments and see that there is a new version in the works, which I'm sure will be great.

However a question about the current trunk version, I have for pure testing purposes a worker scheduled to run every second. As I've read in the examples or the RubyDoc you have to delete the worker in order to end the Ruby process. I have noticed however that the sockets in /tmp/backgroundrb.#{pid} seem to exist until the entire backgroundrb server is stoped. Should these clear up on their own without a stop or am I doing something wrong?

At current for testing I have...

class NACWorker < BackgrounDRb::Worker::RailsBase
  def do_work(args)
    logger.info("Work Started")
    sleep 0.5
    logger.info("Work Done")

Is delete the corrrect way to end the worker, I've had a look through RubyDoc and can't find anything more suitable? Of course I could be being an idiot and missing something.

Also hemant mentioned the new version should be out at the weekend, I can't find the new version on the website, but I would imagin that it's slipped I know what that's like with my time on personal projects. 

Is there any chance it will be released soon?

Any information would be appreciated, and thanks to current and previous maintainers!

Kind regards,


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