[Backgroundrb-devel] pre-release version of backgroundrb available now from svn

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 13:03:04 EDT 2007

Kick ass hemant. Looks good. I'm playing with it now and will give  


On Nov 2, 2007, at 3:26 AM, hemant wrote:

> On 11/2/07, hemant <gethemant at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A pre-release version of backgroundrb is available now from svn.
>> Download it from here:
>> http://svn.devjavu.com/backgroundrb/branches/version099/
>> Since this release marks significant migration from existing
>> practices, i intend to keep trunk untouched for a while.
>> There are no install scripts, but you should copy "backgroundrb" file
>> from script directory of plugin to script directory of rails. You
>> should also config "backgroundrb.yml" file from config directory of
>> plugin to config directory of rails root.
>> There is one sample worker available in
>> BACKGROUNDRB_ROOT/sample_worker directory.
>> There is also a sample client available.
>> Currently, passing of ActiveRecord objects is not supported.  
>> Although,
>> We can do that, but in most situations, passing 'id' of object is
>> enough i thought. Also, you may encounter some bugs when you are
>> passing large objects around.
>> I will try to explain meat of a sample worker:
>> class FooWorker < MetaWorker
>>  set_worker_name :foo_worker
>>  attr_accessor :count
>>  def worker_init
>>    puts "Starting Foo Worker"
>>    add_periodic_timer(4) { increment_status}
>>  end
>>  def process_request p_data
>>    p p_data
>>  end
>>  def increment_status
>>    @count ||= 0
>>    @count += 1
>>    register_status(@count)
>>  end
>> end
>> First, I intend to wrap MetaWorker within a namespace(read module),  
>> so
>> pardon me there.
>> So, when backgroundrb starts it reads all the workers in
>> WORKER_ROOT(which should be RAILS_ROOT/lib/workers) directory and
>> worker_init is called in child process of each worker. You can use
>> worker_init for initializing a worker.
>> "process_request" is the method which will be normally invoked when
>> you receive requests from rails. But there is a exception, in each
>> worker there is a method called "register_status" available, which  
>> can
>> be invoked from workers to register their status with master.
>> Now, from rails, you can query status of a worker using
>> MiddleMan.ask_status(:worker => :foo_worker)
>> All the status requests are server by master itself and hence
>> "process_request" inside worker will not be invoked for them.
>> You will find support for schedules very rough around the edges.
>> Reason is, You can use
>> add_periodic_timer(5) { foo_job }
>> to do any kind of scheduling. add_periodic_timer takes number of
>> seconds as argument.
>> for one shot timers, you can use:
>> add_timer(5) { foo_job }
>> Core of new version of bdrb is implemented on a networking library
>> called "packet".  It needs its own introduction. But now, inside each
>> worker you can start evented network connections. You have some
>> methods like:
>> connect("localhost",5678,FooHandler)
>> start_server("localhost"m,5678,FooServer)
>> inside each worker, which can be used to let workers do fancy stuff.
>> This is just a by product of using "packet" library.
>> I know, thing is rough around the edge and needs more polish. But
>> still, i hope it will be more stable than previous versions of
>> backgroundrb.
>> Please report all the bugs here.
> Couple of things, I wanted to add.
> If you want to access your workers from other machines, then ip
> section in config file should be something thats accessible from all
> machines.
> Also, you can't restart your workers from rails. Although I would like
> to have support for starting and stopping of workers dynamically, but
> it was possible in this release.
> I am looking for suggestions on how to smoothen scheduling of worker
> methods. Currently its just add_periodic_timer and whatever we
> implement is just going to be "sugar" around it, yet I need some
> opinions.
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