[Backgroundrb-devel] pre-release version of backgroundrb available now from svn

hemant gethemant at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 06:05:45 EDT 2007


A pre-release version of backgroundrb is available now from svn.
Download it from here:


Since this release marks significant migration from existing
practices, i intend to keep trunk untouched for a while.

There are no install scripts, but you should copy "backgroundrb" file
from script directory of plugin to script directory of rails. You
should also config "backgroundrb.yml" file from config directory of
plugin to config directory of rails root.

There is one sample worker available in
BACKGROUNDRB_ROOT/sample_worker directory.
There is also a sample client available.

Currently, passing of ActiveRecord objects is not supported. Although,
We can do that, but in most situations, passing 'id' of object is
enough i thought. Also, you may encounter some bugs when you are
passing large objects around.

I will try to explain meat of a sample worker:

class FooWorker < MetaWorker
  set_worker_name :foo_worker
  attr_accessor :count
  def worker_init
    puts "Starting Foo Worker"
    add_periodic_timer(4) { increment_status}
  def process_request p_data
    p p_data

  def increment_status
    @count ||= 0
    @count += 1

First, I intend to wrap MetaWorker within a namespace(read module), so
pardon me there.

So, when backgroundrb starts it reads all the workers in
WORKER_ROOT(which should be RAILS_ROOT/lib/workers) directory and
worker_init is called in child process of each worker. You can use
worker_init for initializing a worker.

"process_request" is the method which will be normally invoked when
you receive requests from rails. But there is a exception, in each
worker there is a method called "register_status" available, which can
be invoked from workers to register their status with master.

Now, from rails, you can query status of a worker using

MiddleMan.ask_status(:worker => :foo_worker)

All the status requests are server by master itself and hence
"process_request" inside worker will not be invoked for them.

You will find support for schedules very rough around the edges.
Reason is, You can use

add_periodic_timer(5) { foo_job }

to do any kind of scheduling. add_periodic_timer takes number of
seconds as argument.
for one shot timers, you can use:

add_timer(5) { foo_job }

Core of new version of bdrb is implemented on a networking library
called "packet".  It needs its own introduction. But now, inside each
worker you can start evented network connections. You have some
methods like:


inside each worker, which can be used to let workers do fancy stuff.
This is just a by product of using "packet" library.

I know, thing is rough around the edge and needs more polish. But
still, i hope it will be more stable than previous versions of

Please report all the bugs here.


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