[Backgroundrb-devel] Reloadable workers? (Rails Testing without DRb restart?)

Nathan Murray nate at natemurray.com
Thu May 3 18:27:34 EDT 2007

Hey guys, I just opened up my first installation of BackgrounDRb and  
so far I love it. I'll have to share this plugin at my next Ruby  
Brigade meeting!

I have one question though: Is there a way that I can run the  
BackgrounDRb server in a "test" mode that will reload my changes  
without having to restart every time? (Similar to how mongrel does  
this with my ActiveRecords in development mode.) Currently I'm  
restarting my BackgrounDrb server everytime I make a change and need  
to test it. I'm guessing someone else has found a better way? Thanks,

Nate Murray

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