[Backgroundrb-devel] thread pool

Meng Kuan mengkuan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 12:03:03 EDT 2007


I am trying to limit the number of worker threads running at the same  
time. Adding ":poolsize: 2" to backgroundrb.yml or starting  
backgroundrb server like this

   script/backgroundrb start -- -s 2

does not seem to help. I can still create more than 2 worker threads  
from a rails app.

I tried this on

   ubuntu dapper
   - ruby 1.8.4
   - backgroundrb 0.2.1

as well as

   mac osx 10.4.9
   - ruby 1.8.5
   - backgroundrb 0.2.1

but no luck.

Does thread pool work for anyone properly? Or do you use some other  
methods like implementing your own queue system?

Appreciate any hints. Thanks!


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