[Backgroundrb-devel] Did BackgrounDRb change my apps behavior?

Brad Pardee pardeeb at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 4 08:52:56 EST 2007

I just installed BackgrounDRb the other day.  It's working great but after I deployed to production, I noticed a couple of strange things happening:

1) I have the following code in a lib module and after deploying, IS_PRODUCTION was set to false.  I'm not sure why this started occurring and the only major change was the installation of BackgrounDRb and its dependencies.  Could this have changed the initialization order or something?

module Util

  IS_PRODUCTION = (ENV['RAILS_ENV'] == 'production')

2) I have a runner script which contains some queries like the following:

      print "Name: "

      ans = STDIN.gets.chomp

Now STDOUT is no longer getting flushed when STDIN.gets is called, so "Name:" doesn't appear until after I enter some input.

I realize this may have nothing to do with BackgrounDRb or Slave or Daemons, but thats the only thing I can think of that could have changed this behavior.

Thanks for any input!


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