[Backgroundrb-devel] one more "uninitialized constant" problem

Tiberiu Motoc tiberiu_motoc at yahoo.ca
Mon Jun 25 13:52:32 EDT 2007

Hi Geoff,
  Yes, I do have it at the end of the script. I just forgot to copy it in the message.

Geoff Garside <ruby at geoffgarside.co.uk> wrote:
      On 25 Jun 2007, at 01:28, Tiberiu Motoc wrote:

    Hi everyone,
  I'm new to backgroundrb, and I'm trying to get started with a simple example, yet with no success.
  This is the code that I have in RAILS_ROOT/lib/workers/testing_worker.rb
  class TestingWorker < BackgrounDRb::Worker::RailsBase
    def do_work(args)
    # This method is called in it's own new thread when you
    # call new worker. args is set to :args
      logger.info('TestingWorker do work')
    results[:do_work_time] = Time.now_to_s
    results[:done_with_do_work] || = true

  Do you have



  at the end of the testing_worker.rb file?

  And this is the code that I have in RAILS_ROOT/app/controllers/mytest2_controller.rb
  class Mytest2Controller < ApplicationController
  def new
    key = MiddleMan.new_worker(:class => :testing_worker)
    worker = MiddleMan.worker(key)
  And this is what I get when I access: http://host:3000/mytest2/new
   NameError in Mytest2Controller#new
   uninitialized constant TestingWorker
 RAILS_ROOT: script/../config/..
 Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace
  I don't understand why I'm getting the "uninitialized constant" error. I've read other postings with the same issue, and I understand that you must restart the server after adding/making modifications to your workers. The server is restarted with the following commands: ./script/backgroundrb stop and ./script/bacgroundrb start, right? (I don't even think this applies to me, since first I created all necessary files for the example and then I started the server; I did restart the server several times just to make sure this is not a problem)
  I also tried to use the console and I get a similar message.
  Btw, I have changed nothing in the default setup, except in /server/lib/backgroundrb/console.rb, where I commented out the line "require 'irb/completion'" due to a strange error that I was getting.
  PS. I want to make sure that the way I downloaded backgroundrb is not faulty. Instead of getting it via subversion (trying to save time by not involving my admin), I just downloaded file by file from http://svn.devjavu.com/backgroundrb/tags/release-0.2.1.

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