[Backgroundrb-devel] backgroundrb scheduler

Charlie Bowman charlesmbowman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 15:57:05 EDT 2007

I've been having a terrible time with the backgroundrb scheduler.  The
issues I'm having is that the scheduled actions aren't ran at all and if
they do, the process stays around forever.  I'm using the backgroundrb as a
nightly cron to run some accounting operations.

1. How can I have the process destroyed after the worker completes?
2.  Any idea on what would keep the prcesses from being started.  The
backgroundrb.log is empty.  I'll post the backgroundrb_server.log
3.  Is backgroundrb even the right choice for nightly rails crons?

Thanks for any help, and of course for backgroundrb!


This is the backgroundrb_server.log for last night.  It called and ran this
worker but none of the rest (about 7 others).  Again, nothing was written to
the backgroundrb.log.   all the workers run fine when manually called, and
even run fine some of the time through cron.

20070604-06:00:00 (29111) Schedule triggered: #<struct #<Class:0xb7a2a5ac>
trigger=#<BackgrounDRb::CronTrigger:0xb7366cc0 @sec=[0], @wday=0..6,
@min=[0], @month=1..12, @hour=[6], @year=nil, @day=1..31, @cron_expr="0 0 6
* * * *">, earliest=Mon Jun 04 06:00:00 EDT 2007, last=Mon Jun 04 06:00:00
EDT 2007>
20070604-10:00:03 (29111) Starting worker: collect_worker collect
(collect_worker_collect) ()
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