[Backgroundrb-devel] Behaviour of pool_size setting

Mason Hale masonhale at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 15:24:25 EDT 2007

>  How about using the result hash as way to push information from the "queue
> managing" worker to other workers?  Has anyone tried something like this?
> Is it reliable?  Or are there race conditions in with the queue-managing
> worker writing to the hash and the other workers reading from their key?

I highly suggest avoiding use of the result hash. The current
implementation suffers from some threading/locking issues that result
in very weird behavior when accessed concurrently.


Still I do think it would be possible to either fix the results hash
issue (which would be great!) or manage the multi-threaded access
issues in a queue manager worker yourself.

For my immediate needs, I punted and just store the queue of things to
be worked on in the db, and let the db server deal with the
concurrency issues. I agree it is a less than ideal solution - but
given my options and other priorities it was a quick easy fix to a
hairy problem. Perhaps a lightweight db like SQLite could be used just
to manage the queue -- and thereby offload the traffic from the main
db, while also saving the need to deal with the concurrency headaches.
(I've never used SQLite, so I'm not sure).


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