[Backgroundrb-devel] install problem

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Tue Jan 30 14:58:22 EST 2007

I apologize if this is a dup.  My anti-productivity, anti-virus software 
said it was rejected. Then it turns out my ISP's mailserver was the problem.

 First, this is my first install on Linux.  I've done my dev work on a WinXP 
box.  So I'd guess this is definitely a newbie problem.

 I've just gotten a 'semi-dedicated' account at a2hosting which is basically 
a VPS with support.  I'm trying to get BackgrounDRb setup and a sandbox app 
I've developed on my WinXP box running on the box.

 When I run 'rake backgroundrb:setup' from the root of my app, I'm getting 
an 'rake aborted' error message.  BUT, when I check the 
vendor/plugins/backgroundrb/script/backgroundrb directory the service, 
start, stop, and win32daemon files have been created.  But when I do 'rake 
backgroundrb:start' from the app root, I get 'Backgroundrb is not installed. 
Run 'rake backgroundrb:setup' first!'

 Anybody got any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


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