[Backgroundrb-devel] Loading Rails Helpers in 1.2.1

Erik Morton eimorton at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 08:48:58 EST 2007

I'm having a problem where a worker cannot load a rails helper in  
rails 1.2.1

20070123-08:27:15 (4974) uninitialized constant  
FileImportWorker::CatalogsHelper - (NameError)
20070123-08:27:15 (4974) /Users/erik/Documents/projects/myproject/ 
active_support/dependencies.rb:478:in `const_missing'
20070123-08:27:15 (4974) /Users/erik/Documents/projects/myproject/ 

The CatalogsHelper is in app/helpers/catalogs_helper.rb, however it  
looks like "someone" thinks that the helper is an inner helper of the  
Worker. Any thoughts?


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