[Backgroundrb-devel] Instantiating middleman and worker from inside a model?

Tomasz Kaye tomasz at resourcestudio.nl
Mon Jan 15 10:32:42 EST 2007

In short: how (if possible) would i go about arranging it so that i  
can instantiate a middleman and set a worker going from within a  
method in one of my models? or is this a weird thing to be wanting to  
do? (

My specific situation: I have an 'Image' model in my application. An  
actual image file associated with the model is being stored on  
amazons s3 system. I'd like to use a worker to handle each s3  
operation (eg. deleting the image from s3). The Image model seems the  
neatest place to set the worker going but I'm a little stumped as to  
how i should modify my model to enable the instantiation of middleman  
within it.

thanks in advance for any pointers!

(apologies in advance if this message gets posted twice; i think my  
previous attempt didn't work)

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