[Backgroundrb-devel] Load balancing

Robert Bjarnason robert.bjarnason at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 18:01:13 EST 2007

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the pointer, I have used JavaSpaces in the past and really 
like this pattern.

However, my workers are user initiated and trigger x264 and mp4box video 
encoding/editing processes and I'm planning to have a limit of 1-2 
simulations backgroundrb processes running on each physical server.

I have an entry in the database for each user initiated job, maybe I can 
add the IP of each backgroundrb server to that entry and do the 
load-balancing in Rails using the database?  The question then is how do 
I dynamically change the backgroundrb server IP for each instantiated 
MiddleMan object?

Warm regards,
Robert Bjarnason

ps. here are links to the sites that are currently using 
backgroundrb-2.1 more or less successfully in production mode:

Erik Morton wrote:
> We chose to bypass MiddleMan and place our requests for workers into a 
> queue. This way we can create an arbitrary number of workers that loop 
> and ask the queue for work. The Mongrels have no need to know the 
> location or number of workers. You will of course need another 
> strategy to get progress/results from the workers.
> On Jan 11, 2007, at 4:41 PM, Robert Bjarnason wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can somebody point me in the right direction about what approach would
>> be best to load-balance between two or more physical servers running
>> backgroundrb while using  BackgrounDRb::Worker::RailsBase with mongrel?
>> Thanks,
>> Robert Bjarnason
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