[Backgroundrb-devel] backgroundrb launches concurrent instances of same job

Brian Lucas blucasco at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 11:26:45 EST 2007

A logger entry lets me know what action is being performed by the job.  The
job iterates through a loop and I see two different "loops" that being
worked on simultaneously.  The loop is a simple ruby loop:

Locations.each { |location|
	logger.info('Category:'+category+' CityUpdater: starting city
	...do work here...

It's strange that it's launching two instances.

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* Brian Lucas (blucasco at gmail.com) [070218 17:48]:
> Hi there,
> Backgroundrb is working pretty well for me but I have a job that launches
> two of the same job, apparently a minute(?) apart from each other.  Should
> this be happening if I have repeat interval enabled with a job_key?  It
> seems like it should wait until the job is finished before launching a new
> instance.
> --Backgroundrb_schedules.yml--
> city_updater:
>   :class: :city_updater_worker
>   :job_key: :city_updater
>   :worker_method: :do_work
>   :worker_method_args: scheduled workers require some args, so here you
> go...
>   :trigger_args:
>       :start: <%= Time.now + 5.seconds %>
>       :repeat_interval: <%= 1.minutes %> 
> It's currently launching two instances of city_updater, one minute apart
> the other.

you see these as processes or as log entries?


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