[Backgroundrb-devel] [Slightly OT] Timing out during File Save

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Wed Feb 14 16:51:09 EST 2007

Apologies in advance for the slightly OT post, and for the cross-post, but I thought you folks would probably have more experience with this 'problem' given your use of BackgroundRb.

A little background (no pun intended ;-) )
I'm using BackgroundRb for session management.  After a set period of user inactivity I kill their session and all the information they've entered and files created from that info is deleted.  I know it's a bit unusual but it's warrented in this app.  BackgroundRb was the tool I needed because I need to display a count-down timer in their browser.  It is working beautifully.

The 'problem' I'm trying to solve is that the 'Save File' dialog box is modal so it prevents the timer in the browser from getting updated.  The file download to the client has finished, so the timer on the server is reset and BackgroundRb starts counting down again.  But the visitor has no way of knowing that.  It looks to them like the timer has stopped but, in fact, the count down has restarted and is underway.  Their session may time out and data get deleted before they finish the File Save on their PC.  At that point they're left looking at a browser that still says they have time left but that's, in fact, completely done and unresponsive.

Ideally, I'd like not to restart the timer until I know they've finished the 'Save File' on the client.  Anybody have any ideas on how to do this?  Or any other ideas on how I might handle it other than just warning them before they start the 'Save'?

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