[Backgroundrb-devel] -c switch in the startup command

Jerry Richardson jerry at jerryr.com
Mon Feb 12 09:59:22 EST 2007

I have been strugging with getting backgroundrb to stay in the correct
environment using multiple configuration files and the -c switch when
starting backgroundrb.

If I start brb like this:

./script/backgroundrb run RAILS_ENV=development -- -c

where development_background.yml specifies "development" for rails_env and
environment, the first worker created does, in fact, use the development
environment. But on the second request, the configuration details from
backgroundrb.yml are used, causing the worker to be erroneously led to the
production database.

With Capistrano, I really don't want to have to edit my background.yml on
the server, using vi, after each deployment. But so far, I have not been
able to come up with a better solution.

Has anyone else experienced this? I hope I am just missing something simple.

Jerry Richardson
jerry at jerryr.com

P.S. I have also tried a few other startup commands, with the same problem:

./script/backgroundrb run -- -c ../config/development_background.yml
./script/backgroundrb run RAILS_ENV=development -- -c
./script/backgroundrb run RAILS_ENV=development -- -c
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