[Backgroundrb-devel] logging problem in production

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Tue Feb 6 18:12:05 EST 2007

Hi Jacob,

Jacob Robbins wrote:

>   Have you made any progress on your logging issue?

Sorry for my delay in responding.  I've had my email shut down most of the 
day.  Sometimes very wierd things start happening when Outlook starts 
receiving during a testing session.

As Ezra has already responded with the broad stroke, I'll just add a little 

Eden Li was actually the first to suggest the solution.  It didn't show up 
here because he hit the 'Reply' button instead of the 'Reply All'. (<rant>I 
really hate how that varies from list to list</rant>).

In my Linux environment, I'm now invoking Backgroundrb using:
$ RAILS_ENV=production script/backgroundrb/start -d

Note that I've used the -d option so I could get the command prompt back to 
start mongrel from the same PuTTY session.  If that's going to cause me a 
problem down the road, someone _please_ let me know.

If anyone can help me understand why the following does not work, I'd be 
very appreciative.
$ RAILS_ENV=production
$ rake backgroundrb:start

On Windows, where I'm doing my development, things are a little trickier. A 
Command Window doesn't give you access to the System's version of the 
Environment Variables.  Any value set in a Command Window is only available 
in that window.  That's been true since at least Win2K, and I'm pretty sure 
it started with NT.  So I set RAILS_ENV in My Computer -> Properties -> 
Advanced -> Environment Variables.

Best regards,

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