[Backgroundrb-devel] logging problem in production

Jacob Robbins jrobbins at cmj.com
Tue Feb 6 12:50:13 EST 2007

   Have you made any progress on your logging issue?

   From what i've seen on the list this could just as likely be a 
backgroundrb issue as something in your app. Backgroundrb still has many 
corner cases where it doesn't handle the RAILS_ENV variable correctly. I 
  wouldn't be surprised if it is doing this for everybody but nobody 
else has been bothered enough/noticed it to report it to the list.

  If you do identify the location of the problem and it's in bdrb please 
take the time to add it to the backgroundrb trac.

  Have you tried creating an empty rails app, adding backgroundrb and 
your worker, then using the bdrb console in production mode?


Bill Walton wrote:
> Oops...  I wasn't done.  Dang fat fingers ;-)
> Bill Walton wrote
>> Hi Ezra,
>> Ezra Zygmuntowicz wrote:
>>> I'm not sure why it is writing to the development log instead of 
>>> production. But know this, calls to ActiveRecord objects in a worker will 
>>> still write their sql to the normal rails log.
>> I went to bed last night believing firmly that the problem I'm having lay 
>> with my hosted environment and comitted fully to figuring out how to 
>> conclusively demonstrate that to them.
>> I woke this morning with a plan, but also realizing that I'd missed an 
>> important step in my debugging efforts so far.  Everything works fine on 
>> my development box in development mode.  But I hadn't tested the behavior 
>> on my development box in *production* mode.
>> There is definitely a problem with Backgroundrb in production mode.
>> I am seeing *exactly* the same behavior on my local machine that I'm 
>> seeing on my hosted environment.  In development mode, everything gets 
>> written to development.log.  In production mode, the web server logging 
>> goes to production.log.  But the SQL logging, and not all of it, goes to 
>> the development log.
> The piece of the app that I'm testing is trivial in terms of size.  I'll 
> send a zip to anyone willing to help by giving it a run on their system. 
> Along, of course, with my eternal gratitude!
> Best regards to all,
> Bill 
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