[Backgroundrb-devel] Can BackgrounDrb help me?

Robert Jones jonesieboy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 14:38:14 EST 2007

I have a big report to produce from a Rails app that takes several minutes
to put together.  I hoped backgroundrb would be able to pull together all
the ActiveRecord stuff in the background then throw it back to Rails for

It seems, however, that I can't pass an array of ActiveRecord objects from
the worker back to Rails.  Do I have that right?

Another possibility was to do the rendering in the worker and send back a
text variable.  I got erb rendering working thanks to the tips from Jacob
Robbins, but none of the ActionView helpers like "image_tag" are
recognised.  Can anyone tell me how to make that happen?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Robert Jones
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