[Backgroundrb-devel] Backgroundrb-devel Digest, Vol 9, Issue 1

Stephen Weiss sweiss at stylesight.com
Sat Feb 3 17:51:39 EST 2007

Hi Bill,

I have "version 1" backgroundrb running on my development server with  
rails 1.2.1, with no issues (other than the left over DB connections  
blocking up my MySQL server, which isn't exactly a new problem).   
Going to move production servers to rails 1.2.1 very soon, I'll post  
back if there's any trouble.

Still would *really* like to get version 2 running though!  Having a  
production system where I have to restart a process every couple  
hours is definitely *not* ideal but backgroundrb 2 is still  
completely unworkable for me.  It still seg-faults every time I try  
to start a worker for the 2nd time (malloc error in drb.rb).  Still  
can't get anything queue-based working because any call to  
worker_thread fails (nil:NilClass errors, totally following the docs  
and nothing...).  This all on top of the fact that results worker  
doesn't really seem to hold any results.  I've rewritten my software  
8 different ways and no luck.

I read that some people actually managed to get version 2 to work in  
production, I'd really love to know how.  Has anyone gotten it to  
work successfully on Mac OS X 10.4, server or client, or anything  
close?  I feel like it's gotta be something with gcc 4.x or the 64- 
bit-ness or ruby 1.8.5 or something, there are scattered clues all  
over google, but everything else on the system runs so well I'm  
really nervous to spend days recompiling everything down to 1.8.2/gcc  
3.3 just to find out that everything else is broken but backgroundrb  
works fine.

What really confuses me is I see very little chatter about these  
problems on the list or when searching the web, but I seriously can  
install a completely new 10.4 system, fresh ruby/rails/everything  
compiled from scratch, make a totally new Rails program, and plug in  
a worker straight from the examples that come with bgrb-2, and so  
help me when you run that worker the second time, it always seg- 
faults!  Intel or PPC, server or client version, no difference!  Just  
how does anyone with OS X get this running?

Really, any advice at all...  if someone with Mac OS X 10.4 has  
gotten version 2 to work, and you could just post all the version  
numbers on the gcc, ruby, etc that you use with it, my database, my  
users and I would be so very grateful.


On Feb 3, 2007, at 1:33 PM, backgroundrb-devel-request at rubyforge.org  
> Greetings!
> Has anybody tried running the 'old' version of BackgrouDRb (the  
> repository on rubyforge.org) on Rails 1.2.1?  Any reason to think  
> it won't work?
> Thanks!
> Bill
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