[Backgroundrb-devel] logging problem in production

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Sat Feb 3 13:33:05 EST 2007

An update:

I have changed every reference I could find from 'development' to 'production'.  I've also changed all references to 'localhost' to '' as the support folks told me that using localhost in database.yml could cause me problems with MySQL. When I say all, I mean all.  That includes the default settings in the start script.  And BackgrounDRb is still logging the database selects being performed in the worker to the development.log file instead of production.log.


Thanks much in advance,
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  Greetings all;

  I've just moved my app into production and BackgrounDRb is writing to development.log.  The backgroundrb.yml file specifies production, as does environment.rb.  

  A little background (no pun intended ;-0 )  I'm using the 'old' version of backgroundrb for session management.  In the app, whenever a visitor changes pages I record the time in a db record.  In the worker, once a second, I'm doing a find for that record.  Backgroundrb is logging that find in development.log, not in production.log as I expected.

  Anybody got any idea what I've done wrong?



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