[Backgroundrb-devel] [ANN] BackgrounDRb release 1.0 available now

Ivan Manida Ivan.Manida at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 17 16:40:20 EST 2007

hemant kumar wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 21:35 +0300, Ivan S. Manida wrote:
>> Hemant,
>> "ruby script/backgroundrb stop" does not stop the currently running
>> server. What is a good way to restart the server, besides doing a
>> kill -9 `cat backgroundrb.pid`?
> You got to be kidding. :)
> It does stops backgroundrb server for me. Here are possible fixes:
> 1. Remove old "backgroundrb" script lying in your script directory.
> 2. run: rake backgroundrb:setup
> 3. Remove any :log: foreground option if you are using
> 3. start bdrb server: ./script/backgroundrb start
> 4. stop bdrb server: ./script/backgroundrb stop
> 5. File a bug with super critical priority if it doesn't work. Mention,
> which OS, which version of bdrb.
> :)

OS is Solaris, bdrb is up-to-the-minute. I did recreate the control 
scripts. After further investigation, it *maybe* happens only while 
there is a worker that does something. But the fact is there - it 
reports "deleting pid file" to console and the process is not removed - 
start fails since port is taken, have to kill. I'll test more tomorrow 
and will file a bug with more details.

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