[Backgroundrb-devel] Get "some read error" on calls to worker

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> 2. Does ask_status throw an exception if the worker isn't running? I
> would like to be able to ask if the worker is running before starting
> another one.

Nope, It won't throw any exception in user code. It does throw an
exception internally. However, you can query status of all workers that
are currently running, using 


See, if that output is helpful.

I do get an exception: BackgrounDRb::BdrbConnError when I do the
following and the worker is not running.

worker_status = MiddleMan.ask_status(:worker =>
:update_facebook_account_info_worker, :job_key => @id)

I don't mind using a begin rescue block if that is the way to verify
that the worker is not running. Is there a better way?

P.S. I'm on IRC now but no one seems to be answering (I'm an IRC noob -

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