[Backgroundrb-devel] Some more updates, enhancements and fixes

hemant gethemant at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 01:09:53 EST 2007

Hi Folks,

Well, Yesterday I pushed some more updates that I was cooking since
last couple of days. Here is a brief list:

1. Results from worker stays even after a worker dies.
2. You can ask backgroundrb to store status objects in memcache
cluster now. by default its stored in master process memory, but I
have introduced an option to allow it to be stored in a memcache

          :memcache: ","

3. Check for Ruby version.
4. Introduced Thread pool now,  all the workers have access to
"thread_pool" object, which can be used to run concurrent tasks in
ruby threads:

    An example,

      def scrap_wikipedia(text)
          thread_pool.defer(text) do |text|

 Please consult backgroundrb documentation for more information about
this. By default the thread pool is of size 20.

5. Wrote examples on, how to use "connect" and "start_server" methods
from backgroundrb workers. Again, consult documentation for it.

Lets try/run it for a while and it will be released as 1.0 .

Let them talk of their oriental summer climes of everlasting
conservatories; give me the privilege of making my own summer with my
own coals.


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