[Backgroundrb-devel] [ANN] BackgrounDRb 1.0 pre-release available now

hemant kumar gethemant at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 12:10:56 EST 2007


On Wed, 2007-12-12 at 11:35 -0500, Bob Hutchison wrote:

> How does this affect the licensing of BackgrounDRb (not to mention the  
> name of the project :-)? The packet library is GPLv2 (the url doesn't  
> have the leading www by the way), while BackgrounDRb is dual licensed  
> with the Ruby License or an MIT license.

Damn I realized it after posting the message. But then thought "packet"
may be irrelevant anyways ( to rails guys i mean ) 

Regarding license issues, since packet is dual licensed under GPL2 and
Ruby, you can take shit from packet and embed in your app and forget
that its under GPL2, since Ruby license allows you do that. There is a
clause from Ruby license that says:

"place your modifications in the Public Domain or otherwise
 make them Freely Available, such as by posting said
 modifications to Usenet or an equivalent medium, or by allowing
 the author to include your modifications in the software."

So, I guess its ok to have that.

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conservatories; give me the privilege of making my own summer with my
own coals.


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