[Backgroundrb-devel] [ANN] BackgrounDRb 1.0 pre-release available now

Brandon Keepers brandon at opensoul.org
Mon Dec 10 23:02:38 EST 2007

On Dec 10, 2007, at 6:47 PM, hemant wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> We are glad to announce shiny new release of  BackgrounDRb, which will
> soon become 1.0.
> A quick summary of changes:
> - BackgrounDRb is no londer DRb, its based on event driven network
> programming library packet ( http://www.packet.googlecode.com ) .
> - Since we moved to packet, many nasty thread issues, result hash
> corruption issues are totally gone. Lots of work has went in
>  making scheduler rock solid stable.
> - Each worker, still runs in its own process, but each worker has a
> event loop of its own and all the events are triggered by the internal
>  reactor loop. In a nutshell, you are not encouraged to use threads
> in your workers now. All the workers are already concurrent, but you
>  are encouraged to use co-operative multitasking, rather than
> pre-emptive. A simple example is,
>  For implement something like progress bar in old version of bdrb,  
> you would:
>    - start your processing a thread (so as your worker can receive
> further request from rails ) and have a instance
>      variable ( protected by mutex ) which is updated on progress and
> can be send to rails.
>  With new backgroundrb, progrss bar would be:
>    - process your damn request and just use register_status() to
> register status of your worker. Just because
>      you are doing some processing won't mean that your worker will
> block. It can still receive requests from rails.
> - Now, you can schedule mulitple methods with their own triggers.
> - Inside each worker, you can start tcp server or connect to a
> external server. Two important methods available in all workers are:
>   start_server("localhost",port,ModuleName)
>   connect("localhost",port,ModuleName)
>  Connected client or outgoing connection would be integrated with
> Event Loop and you can process requests from these guys
>  asynchronously. This mouse trap can allow you to build truly
> distributed workers across your network.
> The detailed list of changes can be found here:
> http://backgroundrb.rubyforge.org/
> Please give it a try and let me know if you found any bugs.

Thanks for all your hard work on this recently.

At one point with the old version it was fairly straight-forward to  
test workers, but that broke at one point.  Could you give any  
pointers writing tests for workers in the new version?

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