[Backgroundrb-devel] Another fix release for backgroundrb rc2

hemant kumar gethemant at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 14:21:09 EST 2007

Hi Folks,

Thank you for feedback and error reports.
I have fixed most of the errors that were reported and were valid.

I have also removed some cruft that was way too clunky.

Here is a brief summary of changes :

 - Now, you don't define method process_request method in your worker.
   Its no longer required. Whatever methods, you want to call from
   rails should be directly defined in your worker and you are good to
   go. Thus, please remove process_request method that was created
   by worker generator.
 - Worker generator has been updated to take care of case #1.
 - Some issues were found with bin_parser class and they are fixed now.
 - In most of the cases, now a invalid object dump won't result in
   worker crash and you should be moving happily even after that. But
   keep an eye on  your log file.

 - Introduced a :log: foreground option for debugging purpose.

 - Get it from here :

 - Please remove script/backgroundrb and update your config file.
   And then run rake backgroundrb:setup

Also, make sure to read the README file available at
http://backgroundrb.rubyforge.org/ . I have updated the documenation
according to fixes and changes.

Again, thank you all for bug reports and feedbacks.

PS: thanks Andy and Kevin and please check if this new version is
working for you.

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