[Backgroundrb-devel] pool_size

Brandon Keepers brandon at opensoul.org
Thu Apr 26 14:04:48 EDT 2007

I just started using BackgrounDRb this week and am really impressed.   
Good work Ezra and everyone else that has contributed.

I'm writing a web app to subscribe to feeds with video enclosures and  
then play them in a flash player, or export them to MythTV or  
something like it.  I'm using BackgrounDRb for the downloading and  
video processing.

The docs mention that the pool_size method can be used to limit the  
number of threads that are active at once, and the other jobs will  
just queue up, but it doesn't seem to be limiting the number of  
threads.  I see there were a couple other discussion threads about  
this in December and March, but neither of them really had a resolution.

If this is a bug, I would be happy to dig into, but I wanted to check  
here first to make sure I wasn't the only one still having this problem.

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