[Backgroundrb-devel] Problem with blocking workers

Christian Schlaefcke cschlaefcke at wms-network.de
Tue Apr 3 06:26:17 EDT 2007

Hi Folks,

I found this thread


on this mailing list that describes pretty much the same behaviour that I
experience as well.

My problem is, that I have no chance for putting a "sleep 0" in an
iteration because I have no Iteration.

What I´m doing is executing a stored procedure in a sybase db that could
take from few seconds up to hours to complete. The stored procedure gets
executed and spools the result to another table where the user could
access it later. So in my worker I don´t actually iterate over the results
 instead it waits until the stored procedure has finished.

I need to get different jobs with different execution times executed at
the same time. This is how I understand concurrency.

How could I solve my problem? Are concurrent tasks possible anyway?

Thanks & Regards,

Christian Schlaefcke

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