[Backgroundrb-devel] Could a BackgrounDrb worker do this?

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Thu Sep 14 16:00:58 EDT 2006

Hi Michael,

Michael Siebert  wrote:

> 2006/9/14, Bill Walton <bill.walton at charter.net>:
> > I'm working to a requirement that says "shutting off visitor
> > access and removing the data they've entered from the
> > system need to happen at the same time, and both need
> > to happen when we say they're going to happen."

> unfortunately this aproach doesnt delete the data if the user
> just leaves the site and doesnt come back.


> here you could use a cronjob of some sort.

Which, as I noted earlier, would not satisfy the last portion of the 
requirement above.

> <snip> every other thing would by a hackery of some type

Precisely what this requirement is about protecting against.

> think your problem is that you absolutely wanted to use
> bgdrb and did not see other obvious solutions like what
> i said...

I understand that interpretation ...

> but possibly thats just crap too :)

I wouldn't call it crap.  I would say that this is a very unusual 
requirement that seems to require that I take a different approach than I 
would under normal circumstances.


> the session id is stored in a cookie and that is transfered
> in the header. slight difference :

In Ruby (as opposed to Rails), is there an easy way for an application to 
explicitly set the cookie to a specific value?  I can't seem to zero in on 
how to do that.


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