[Backgroundrb-devel] Worker suicide

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 11:24:15 EDT 2006

On Sep 1, 2006, at 8:00 AM, Jonathan Métillon wrote:

> Hi the list people, hi Ezra,
> I just read from this message http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/ 
> backgroundrb-devel/2006-July/000134.html that BackgrounDRb will  
> offer a way to kill a worker from within itself.
> As this message is from 7/25, I wonder if this feature has been  
> added since. If not, is there any way to do it? I tried this:
> MiddleMan.delete_worker (@_job_key)
> But it raise:
> uninitialized constant MiddleMan - (NameError)
> Thanks
> Jonathan
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	If your worker is done and not doing any more computation you can  
just call kill from within your worker. If it is still working on  
something and you need its thread to be killed also you can do like  

::BackgrounDRb::MiddleMan.instance.delete_worker @_job_key

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