[Backgroundrb-devel] [ANN] BackgrounDRb 0.2.0 Release! Complete rewrite.

Bob Hutchison hutch at recursive.ca
Tue Oct 31 07:29:17 EST 2006

On 30-Oct-06, at 6:32 PM, skaar wrote:

>> I'm using slave 0.2.0 in my application right now. I'm using it to
>> run some potentially very long running processes. In my case, it
>> doesn't really matter if they fail, but if they do I'd like know
>> about it so I can tell the user and possibly re-start them. At the
>> moment if that scenario occurs then I can only tell by a time out. If
>> I wasn't so lazy I could do something smarter, like mark the fact
>> that the process is running somewhere in the DB (which might really
>> be the filesystem), maybe with a pid. When I check on progress I can
>> see if slave/backgroundrb has any knowledge of that process, if it
>> doesn't then I can assume that the server failed and as re-started.
>> If slave/backgroundrb knows of the process but the process no longer
>> exists then I can assume that it failed in an unpleasant way.
> the crude way of doing this right now is to use a singleton/named  
> worker
> - and call new_worker(:class => :foo_worker, :job_key => :job_name)
> every time you access it. If the worker exist, you will just get  
> the key
> back, if it doesn't the server will create the worker, and then return
> the key.
> You can the same way, with generated keys, on the client side  
> initially
> call new_worker without the :job_key argument and store the key -  
> if you
> next time have a key, you can call new_worker with the job_key that  
> was
> generated for you and that you, say, have stored in the users session.

Thanks, I can probably do something with that. So much for being  
lazy :-)


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