[Backgroundrb-devel] double runs from repeat_every

Joshua Warchol joshua at zaadz.com
Fri Oct 27 16:15:15 EDT 2006

I'm just starting out with BackgrounDRB and I'm pretty excited. I know 
there's some development going on, but would patches against the 
released code be welcome? Nothing profound, just some documentation errors.

Now for the real reason I'm writing. I'm testing the new(ish) 
repeat_every code and it appears to be having a problem.

I've got a very, very simple worker. The do_work method just logs the 
current time, job key and process ID. It's started from an autostart 
configuration in backgroundrb.yml.  Most of the time it seems to work 
just fine. If I say repeat_every 1.minute, it logs every minute. But 
somewhat often it double logs, indicating the do_work call was hit twice.

I've tried this with a variety of repeat_every & timer_sleep values. I 
imagine the start_timer loop is somehow calling start_process on this 
same job more than once. Not sure how that could happen, from my read of 
the code.

Anyone else seen this before? What evidence can I provide to help figure 
this out?


Joshua Warchol
Code Poet, Zaadz Inc.

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